WebTV in Paradise


I am stuck trying to post on a decrepit WebTV system from a hotel in Kauai.  Don't buy one of these things if it is your last option to communicate with the world.  Forget trying to include links in a post.  Regarding Oliver Morton's recent op-ed in the Times, "Biology's New Forbiden Fruit" (11 Feb, 2005), there was an editing mistake that gave me sole credit for the recent paper on the use of Tadpoles for sensitive detection in Nature Methods.  It seems this misprint will be corrected in a forthcoming issue.  Why oh why did I leave my Powerbook at home?

(18.02.05, back in Seattle.  Brrr.):  Here is the column (NYTimes in exchange for your first born and all that), and here is a free copy at freerepublic.com, a site that I wouldn't ordinarily advertise, but they chose to violate copyright and take on the Times, which means I didn't have to.

UPDATE: Here is the correction in the Times, with an additional very odd addendum that seems to overplay the cautionary aspects of Oliver's op-ed.  Editors -- can't live with 'em, and can't live without -- hmmm...