H5N1 in France, India.

Reuters (via the NY Times) is reporting that H5N1 has been confirmed in poultry and people in India, and appears to be the cause of death of ducks in France.  Check that -- the radio news just said H5N1 is confirmed in France.  No print/web confirmation yet that I see.

These results may be consistent with the notion of H5N1 being spread both through migratory birds and through domesticated poultry, presumably with poultry being transported across borders, often illegally.  This debate is ongoing at ProMED.  Some quick checking by Todd Harrington at bio-era suggests the flow of poultry from China and Turkey to Nigeria isn't as promiscuous as claimed by the recent Washington Post article, and it seems all legal poultry exports from China are now as cooked meat.  All legal exports, mind you, from a country with absurdly long borders.  All this is just more cause for concern and confusion, it seems.

Alas, even the best informed people are having trouble figuring this out.