More Amyris and Biofuels News

Amyris Biotechnologies today announced new additions to their Board of Directors, all of whom are formerly associated with BP.  As I have suggested before, Amyris is presently the company to watch in the race for direct microbial production of biofuels (see "The Need for Biofuels Produced Using Synthetic Biology").

Note that, in the "About Amyris Biotechnologies" blurb at the end of the release, biofuels now dominate the stated goals of the company.  I wonder if this might eventually squeeze out the original focus on inexpensive malaria drugs:

   Amyris Biotechnologies ( combines break-through technology and unique insights in the transportation fuels sector to bring environmentally friendly fuels to market. Amyris believes its microbial technology will allow it to reduce the production cost of artemisinin-based anti-malarial treatment to a fraction of its current cost. Amyris is leveraging its technology platform to provide a cost-competitive bio-gasoline, a bio-diesel, and a bio-jet solution that works in current engines and distribution infrastructure without compromising fuel performance. All Amyris biofuels are designed to provide consumers and end users uncompromising alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. Amyris is a privately-held venture-backed company whose investors include Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), and TPG Ventures.