Biodesic: It's Alive!

This little post serves as the official launch of Biodesic.  As the book is finally done, or at least mostly in the hands of the publisher, I can turn my full attention to getting the start-up company out of my garage.

As the website says:

Biodesic is part of the new bio-economy. We provide technologies and knowledge to organizations building the future.

Our mission is to transform business and society through the development and distribution of biological technologies.

Here are examples of recent consulting projects.   Our first product is a parallel protein detection tool.  It is similar to Tadpoles but detection is much simpler, and there is no need to amplify a signal using PCR.  We believe the technology will provide novel and useful capabilities for clinical diagnostics and for engineering biological systems.  For more details, see "Technology for Sensitive Multiplexed Protein Detection".