Cleaning out some bookmarks

In no particular order of importance:

  • Metbolix has announced it has modified switchgrass to produce PHA.  The "Mirel history" page on the website suggests there are 7 enzymes in the pathway.  An independent Life Cycle Analysis of Mirel, "Conducted by Dr. Bruce Dale, professor of Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University, determined that production of Mirel reduces the use of nonrenewable energy by more than 95% and provides a 200% reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG) compared to production of conventional petroleum-based plastics. concluded."  (PDF Press release)
  • Here is an essay from Jeremy Haft (WSJ via Huffington Post) that opines the US has a permanent competitive edge over China.  Really?
  • A couple of posts from Wired on saving our economy with a cleantech/greentech bubble.  'Cuz bubbles really keep us afloat.  Until they pop.  And we write $700 billion dollar checks.  Right...